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    how do I sync PDF on laptop with ipad device


      A simple question I think!

      I'm new to Digital Editions. I downloaded an ebook and it synced seamlessly with the DE on my ipad. However I have now added a PDF doc to my DE software on my laptop and it doesn't show up on the DE library of my ipad.

      I want to read this PDF offline on an aircraft..

      How can I get the PDF to sync with the DE installed on my device?

      I notice that the ebook I have has a little cloud and a tick over it in the library of the laptop but not for the PDF doc


      I just want all my library on my laptop to sync with my ipad (is this not what DE does??) maybe I missed the point.


      p.s. I have read the very poor documentation on this and cant find any references to what syncs and how.


      Many thanks