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    X5 scrollbar color customizations...

    MergeThis Level 4
      In RH 8, I've been able to replicate my X5 scrollbar color customizations for the TOC (whtdhtml.htm) and Index (whibody.htm) panes, but not for the Topic (was the .css file) pane. The adjustments to these output files, and a few others, were based on Rick Stone's "Skinny on Skins" reference help and some other forum hints.

      So far, I've tried adding the <style> scrollbar colors to these files: .css, whskin_frmset01.htm, whskin_frmset010.htm, with no joy. Has anyone run into this, yet, with RH 8? Please share, if you have.

      Otherwise, I'll just revert back to the default blue scrollbar color for all panes.