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    Problem with my brushes in PSE 12 and in PSCC2015


      When I use a brush to paint and consistently am holding it down the brush is acting spotty - duplicating the action in spots, bouncing a bit and is incredibly inconsistent.  This tool is crucial and this issue is driving my nutty.   My brush settings are at zero for fade, jitter, scatter and spacing.  This started happening about two months ago and I am really struggling with it and need help?

      I have had this issue a time or two  before and felt that by adjusting the brush settings it cleared up the issue for a very long time.  I tried doing the same thing this time  But it is not working this time.  About the time I started having this issue I remember that I had temporarily plugged in my Babmboo Wacom tablet to try it out and then unplugged it and decided to just use the mouse afterall.  I also purchased photoshop from the cloud around the same time.  The brush is acting up in elements and photoshop.  I am wondering if this could be an issue with the mouse?  I am hoping someone can help me with this issue.  I have no idea with community to request help with.  So if anyone there can suggest where I should even ask this question I would very much appreciate that.  Thanks