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    Duplicating menu


      Hi, all.


      I am trying to duplicate a drinks menu for my restaurant using In Design. Our menus are half the size of a piece of A4 (length ways) so we are trying to get 2 menus onto a single piece of paper which we then chop in half after printing. I am a complete In Design newbie so step-by-step help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you for taking the time to read and thanks in advance.



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          New document set up: check the Landscape button:


          On the page layout below, i placed 3 vertical guides (light blue lines) so both sides would be equal.  The dotted line shows where it would be cut.  That line would not print - I'm only showing it for your reference. Design your content on one side (like in the shaded boxes I drew to give you an example), then copy and paste it to the other side, align it, and done.