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    Different proj. titles for different cond'l build layouts?

      We are creating Help for two different products from one RoboHelp project, using conditional tagging to create the two different versions. The title bar for the Help windows needs to show a different product name for each build. Do we need to change the Project Title to the correct product name each time we generate a particular build, or is there some way to permanently attach a project title to a conditional build layout?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi LisaFinn. There is no way to achieve this via conditional build tags. I assume you are using webhelp output? If so, the window title is taken from the project name NOT the window title so you'll have to change the project name each time.
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            marjoriem Level 1
            Based on what I've learned in reading various posts to these forums, plus what's in a post to a different thread by Captiv8r on 11/12/2007, it seems that if you set your Primary Layout to WebHelp, and then define a Window for WebHelp with a Window Caption of your desired title bar text, then Captiv8r says that your developers can use the RoboHelp WebHelp API to invoke your window caption as the title bar text in your WebHelp output.

            I can say that in my testing of the Trial version of RH7 HTML thus far, RH7 HTML apparently does not View my generated output using this RoboHelp WebHelp API. I say this because no matter what I've used for the Window Caption in my WebHelp type Window properties, my browser title bar in WebHelp output will only display the text found in my 'File > Project Settings > Project Title' field.

            I would personally love to solve this problem with the WebHelp output by the same method that has worked in the HTMLHelp output:

            1. I set my Primary Layout to HTMLHelp.
            2. Next, I created a new Window with the desired Window Caption and all other desired properties.
            3. In my HTMLHelp Layout, I selected my new Window in the Default Window field.
            4. I generated my HTMLHelp Layout, and the title bar now uses the Window Caption text.

            However, the WebHelp output does not have a Default Window field. If any RH developers are reading this, I would like to request this functionality!

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              RoboWizard Level 4
              HI Marjorie

              You are correct in your observation that defining a WebHelp window is a pointless activity if you aren't using the WebHelp API. That is the only time these WebHelp windows are used. You may wish to look over fellow Adobe Community Expert John Daigle's Developer Center article that discusses Context Sensitive WebHelp. You may view it by clicking here.

              Cheers... Rick