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    Lightroom hides both menubar and dock upon startup, but still in "Normal" screen mode

    ChrisRakoczy Level 1

      I'm running Lightroom 4.4 (still trying to get my employer to upgrade!) on a 27" iMac running OS-X 10.10.3   For some reason, when I start Lightroom, it opens windowed ("Normal" mode) but it HIDES the menubar and the dock. It doesn't open in Full Screen mode: the window has a title bar and it leaves the room on screen for the menubar and dock, but both disappear. If I click on the desktop, the menubar and dock show up, but as soon as I click back in the application window, both disappear, thus I cannot access any of the Lightroom menus. To get them back, I have to hit "F" three times to cycle screen modes through to Full Screen with Menubars, to Full Screen, and back to Normal.


      Everything I search for online regarding dock disappearing just suggests turning off the auto-hide in the Dock system preferences menu. I don't have my dock auto-hide, no other application does this, and that wouldn't affect or explain the menubar also disappearing.


      Can anyone help?