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    Exporting layers to files not working

      I try to export my layers to files but when I get to the window to find the location to save the layer files to, the checkmark box called "current frame only" is always checked and grayed out so I can't uncheck it. Very frustrating. I've already distributed the layers and still nothing. Does, anyone know why that checkmark as well as the options button is grayed out in that window? I'm using fireworks mx.

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          wptech Level 1
          Does anyone have any idea as to what's going on here? I even spent $hundreds to upgrade to the latest version of studio 8 with Fireworks 8 thinking that would fix the issue, and it's still doing the same greyed out checkmark. It's really getting annoying and I wish someone from the support department would at least respond to this post. It's been almost a month since I brought this up. Someone must have a little insight into this.

          I'm running windows 2000 - sp4 and all updates
          with studio 8