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    HTML Canvas Documents: Equivalents to Common Flash Features And More...


      We make interactive training.  Some of it is delivered via CD and some sits on the web...and sometimes we have to make one product that is delivered to both platforms.


      In our projects we have relied heavily on Document Classes and features like Export for Actionscript where we will attach one class file to multiple clip instances (eg buttons.)


      Our new directive is to move away from creating SWFs in favor of HTML5 output.  Our personnel have a lot of experience using the Flash toolsets to create content.  Our initial idea was to continue to use familiar tools to create visual elements with.


      One of the first shockers exploring the Flash Canvas was no more document classes and no more attaching classes to library instances.  Is there a feature within Flash CC's Flash Canvas Document type that I'm missing where you can point to external .JS to serve as a de facto Document Class?  What about attaching multiple library assets to a single class?


      Is the new workflow for using Flash Canvas to create the visual elements of a project and then modify the output as a step that is separate from the IDE?


      Has anyone come across good documentation for creating more Object Oriented Canvas projects?