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    Tagging issue with list items spanning two pages

    Minka316 Level 1



      I have a tagging issue in a PDF.  This is the scenario:


      I have a list of steps (1-4) that span across two pages.


      Step 1 instruction followed by image appear at the bottom of page 1.  Step 2 followed by image and steps 3 and 4 appear on the subsequent page. 


      When I  turn on the touch up reading order tool, i see each of these items in the document highlighted with a border and number in upper left corner; however, when i open the tags panel the text for steps 2-4 are missing. 


      So, i recreated the tags necessary for these three items (<L> <Li> and <LBody>) but when i open the Order panel each of these steps 2-4 are repeated and when i run the JAWS screen reader it skips these steps. It's as if they don't exist.  What am i doing wrong?  How can I fix this?  thank you, Marion2015-10-29_14-49-40.png2015-10-29_14-51-55.png