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    Parts of PDF don't print


      I have a monthly project that I have been doing for a year now and this month, my PDF doesn't want to print correctly.


      There are three areas that it "ignores" and won't print, all involving text and/or a shape filled only with color. These missing pieces will show up on screen and in the print preview area of the print dialogue box, but are gone when printed EXCEPT the outer glow on the MIA cover text still prints as if the text was rendered! AND the missing stuff shows up when printed in B/W...


      Could this be an update bug? Or maybe an issue with my printer/software?


      For the record, I do not print using InDesign; printing is done on a separate computer and I have Acrobat Reader installed on that computer for opening/sending files to print. I export a PDF (print) and transfer that to the other computer.


      Thank you!