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    InDesign CS6 Crashes every time I try to open it after upgrading to El Capitan


      I upgraded to El Capitan yesterday afternoon. Everything went fine, there were no problems and all of my programs remained open. I closed InDesign earlier today and I went to open it again this afternoon, it crashes. Every time I try to open it, I get the pink loading screen then the "InDesign quit unexpectedly" dialog box. If I allow it to send an error report, I get a pop up box that says Adobe has fixed the crashing problem with CS6 and to "click here" for more info. I can't click it.. it makes the thud "you can't do that noise." I have tried downloading the java for El Capitan package and replacing it, and nothing changed. I have rebooted in safe mode and regularly multiple times, but at this point I am at a loss.


      This is my work computer and I use InDesign for almost everything I do, so I really need help ASAP!