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    Finding a way for 4D (a programmable database) to communicate with Acrobat Pro DC


      On the Mac version of 4D v13.6 I click a button next to a page number in an Evidence table.

      This causes Adobe Acrobat Professional to open up to the page number that was in the Evidence table.

      Here is the code:


      $ApplescriptPath:=Replace string(BB_AfterIt (Get 4D folder(Database Folder)+"AcrobatGotoPageApplescriptArgv.scpt";":");":";"/")



      LAUNCH EXTERNAL PROCESS("osascript "+$ApplescriptPath+" "+argv;inputStream;outputStream;errorStream)  // The page number is passed in argv.


      The Applescript that is called from the above code is:


      on run argv

        tell application "Adobe Acrobat Pro"


        goto first PDF Window page argv

        end tell

      end run


      Does anyone know if there is a way to do this on Windows. Obviously Windows does not have Applescript. I do not know if there is a way to run some kind of command line script in Windows to accomplish this. Any help would be appreciated.