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    Future of Document/Literal Web Services in CF

      I would like some clarification on the future of web services in CF. Right now I use CF 7 RPC/encoded CFCs which communicates with a Java client product currently using the older JWSDP 1.6 for web services. However the new Java SOA with WS-Security has been out for a while but I cannot convert to it because it doesn't support the outdated RPC/encoded format and CF 7 does not handle Document/Literal properly. CF 7 does not properly handle cfproperty element arrays in publishing Document/Literal web services (well documented problem with CF and the current Axis engine).

      However JavaSE 6 is nearing a release and it too will not support RPC/encoded or xsd_AnyType, nor will it support the current Document/Literal produced by CF 7 which does not properly handle arrays for cfproperty elements. This may become a major problem for my application as all the Java environments are upgraded.

      Therefore is this issue being addressed in the upcoming CF 8 release?

      Will CF 8 be upgraded to Axis2 and properly support Document/Literal arrays for cfproperty elements?

      When might we expect a release of CF 8?

      Is it possible for CF 7 to use Axis2?

      CF has been a great product but I do need to assess some options if CF can not handle Document/Literal arrays for cfproperty elements within the near future.


      Jason Baumgartner
      Indiana University