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    Stroke width profiles inside after effects

    Cedric Bronkhorst

      I was watching Adobe on Twitch today.

      where @MChaize was making the #TwitchHype design in after effects, using curva script to animate the shapes.


      But i got the idea of keeping it in paths, and use the trim path option. But it would look kinda cheap with the normal stroke. when it came to mind we would love to have the Stroke options from illustrator inside after effects, so we can have custom stroke/path styles such as different widths profiles, dashes, caps etc. That way we would be able to create awesome write on effects just using the pen tool and trim path inside after effects.


      Like you could make stroke width profiles inside illustrator:


      Drag them into your adobe creative cloud library.

      Open after effects and use those path widths on your strokes to make your text real cool and just animate the path! (:
      Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 15.08.09.png