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    My CC subscription was incorrectly cancelled


      Signing up for the free trial of Adobe Stock has for some reason caused my Creative Cloud membership to be changed, then cancelled entirely. In April, I paid for a whole year's subscription to CC, and a few weeks ago I added the free trial of Adobe Stock to my membership. The Adobe Stock advertisements and terms of service clearly state that Stock can be added to my current membership, but for some reason the Adobe service member I spoke with repeatedly claimed the opposite. He or she told me repeatedly that signing up for Stock cancels my current subscription, (effectively taking $100 out of my pocket,) and changed my subscription to a monthly one. I noticed this when my credit card was charged the regular $65 fee. I contacted support, but the support member only told me that my account was cancelled and nothing could be done about it. He or she did say the "Relevant Team" would be following up with me in 2-3 days to solve this, but that was almost a week ago. I just got an email today saying my membership was cancelled entirely. No explanation, no reimbursement of the $65 or the six months of membership I should still have. I need to get this resolved ASAP to get my apps running again. I have clients with many pressing deadlines, and these issues are tremendous inconveniences. I would appreciate anyone who can help me. Adobe Chat Support is currently unresponsive.

      Grayson Price