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    Posterlization/Banding color displayed in "D610" camera profiles




      I have experieced the banding/posterlization color issue when selecting camera portrait profile in LR's camera calibration tab.


      My picture is RAW file from D610 Nikon camera and the banding color in shadow shows pretty much obvious when zooming in 100%.


      Surprisingly, all camera profiles such as Vivid, Neutral, Standard, and Lancscape are showing the same banding colour. So i have no choice except using Adobe Standard profile which i do not prefer to use due to my customer's requirement.


      However, i also encounter this same problem as well in D700 RAW file during post process in LR. But the issue can be resolved easily by just changing old camera profile to the new V4 version.


      I am using Lightroom 5.7.1 64-bit in Macintosh. Is there anyone facing this issue like me? because most of my taken pictures are shot by D610 and this issue disturbs me a lot.


      Any suggestion given to me would be highly appreciated.






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