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    Powerpoint Freeze

      Help! I have bee using breeze presenter on an old laptop and new desktop with no trouble. Just got a new laptop and installed presenter. I can record audio through my devise using an unrelated mp3 recording program, import audio and I can download an existing ppt ppc and republish both loacally and onto the server with no trouble. When I try to record audio both in normal and edit modes everything freezes and shuts down.

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          Hi Frankone,

          Can you verify if you are using a RealTek or RealTek High Definition audio card? You may check it under the Device Manager. To access the Device Manager, please do the following:

          1. Right click on My Computer and select Properties.
          2. Select the Hardware tab.
          3. Select the ‘Device Manager’ button.
          4. Scroll down to Sound, video, and game controllers and click on the plus sign. This will display all of your sound devices. Please make sure there is no red x or question mark next to the devices.

          If a RealTek or RealTek High Definition audio card is present, that is most likely what’s causing the issue. There is a known issue in Breeze Presenter with this sound card; it causes Breeze Presenter to crash when recording audio for a presentation. Currently R&D is looking into this issue and working to find a solution. To work around the issue, you can try to use a different soundcard.

          We have a Tech Note about this issue which you might want to refer to:

          Recording audio using a RealTek soundcard freezes or crashes Breeze Presenter

          I hope this helps.
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            I actually had this issue when I was messing around with my default recording device. Whenever I would goto record audio, it would crash. So, you might want to check the default recording device and make sure it's set to the apprpriate device.


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              I have found the same problem, though sometimes when I try to use the record audio function nothing happens at all. But if and when it does, I hit the record button, then everything shuts down. I do have that sound card that Noriann mentioned, but I wonder if there is another problem associated with this.