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    Access INDD file without InDesign installed



      I am wondering if what I am trying to achieve is not against license agreement.

      I am trying to create a .NET app that will access the indd file, get text and images from it and extract them to .docx.

      The primary requirement is, however, that the users of this application will not have InDesign installed. I would only like to attach InDesign dll libraries for the app to create the objects etc.


      Please let me know if 1) this is not illegal, 2) this is possible



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          Harbs. Level 6

          Illegal: Definitely.

          Possible: Probably not.


          You are much better off using IDML files if possible.

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            bjarmuz Level 1

            Yeah, that's what I feared.

            IDML should be good enough:)




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