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    Where is FlashPaper2

    hope1 Level 1
      I installed studio 8, but do not see the FlashPaper 2. Did a search and found in library, application support for it (Mac) but cannot find the application itself, or how to open,/access it.

      Any tips?
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          I am having the same issue. What I read online is that it is part of Studio 8 but I do not see any way to access it/install it. Does anyone know what we are missing?

          Thanks in advance.
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            hope1 Level 1
            Thank you for this input. This is good to know.

            So just called Adobe, They said it is not a stand alone program. But it is a program for printing....that is all. print as .pdf or a .swf and print does not mean print, it means convert to....so there you have it.

            It is only available when you are in a program and select print in any program. I'm on a Mac, so this is what they said (this should apply to pc's too)....

            It will be one of the printers you can choose from in the Print dialogue box. (In Word, on a PC, they said FlashPaper should actually be available in the task bar for that program)

            Otherwise, select Print, and select FlashPaper as your printer, then either select save as pdf, or select print, and it will be saving as a .swf.

            If you do not have the option of FlashPaper as one of the printers, which it was not for me, then reinstall Contruibute 3, thats right Contruibute. FP is one of the features or buddies of Contibute. There is a tour one can take in Contribute of many things, one being Flash Paper. However, the tech guy said that that tour is no longer available because Contribute 4 has come out and the link has been discontinued,.... or some such thing.

            Sooooooo.....I tried making saving an exising pdf that was 6.2Mb, it became 5.7Mb. The .swf became 2.7Mb so i may actually use this now. It really condenses the files. Looks very 'new tech' on the site too....

            Good Luck. All this after being on the phone with them for 2 hrs....ah yes, we love tech support......

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              TechnoTraining2003 Level 1
              Thanks Hope.

              I managed to figure out that I need to install Contribute (I did not originally install it). Now I can print as you described and can also use this feature from the menu bar in Word which is a nice feature. Although it was frustrating figuring out how to get to it I now like it a lot. This Flash fiormat is great for posting documents on the web and it looks very professional. I am glad we kept digging.
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                hope1 Level 1
                You are welcom Dave,

                Wow, good for you figuring that out.

                Yes, I agree. It seems to be quite nice. It does look very professional. Thank you for your feedback. It was fun researching, knowing someone else wondered about it too.

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                  Hi Guys
                  I happened to come across your discussion while trawling for something else.

                  I was wondering if any of you know how to convert a M$ Access report to Flash Paper, using Visual Basic script. Or is this even POSIIBLE?