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    Embed Link JPEG


      Hi Adobe Community,


      I am not sure if there is a recent discussion over this so forgive me if I am repeating.


      I have a JPEG that will be used as an email signature for a number of individuals. Now this JPEG will link people to a specific part of a website.


      Is it at all possible to embed a link into a JPEG for emails without using the hyperlink feature in the email. This way I as the designer would be able to send one file to the specific people that will use it in their emails and they do not need to hyperlink it or worry if they forgot to hyperlink it. Just to make things more efficient.


      I tried to create hyperlink it in InDesign but as a JPEG that wouldn't work... Is there another solution... Photoshop maybe?


      Is it at all possible?


      I appreciate any help, thank you.