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    Resizing images to size of the file ( resetting size )


      Hi there,


      I got quite familiar with Edge Animate but I have camped with a 'problem' that slows down my development for bannering.

      When you for example create multiple banners that use the exact same timing in all formats, you save the whole thing as a new one ( for example 160x600 to 120x600 ).

      After I saved all the images for the new format I like to overwrite the ones from the last one so they get replaced by the smaller versions.


      Then this 'problem' comes up that I have to check all image sizes for the new images and have to type them all in manually.

      Is there a way to just say: Scale to original image size.? So I dont have to resize them all manually by looking at the details of the files and then type in the dimensions?


      This would save A LOT of time. Ofcourse its possible that I oversee a function that already does this.

      In that case could someone please tell me how .


      Thanks in advance!