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    Is Adobe going to kill Breeze Training?

    James the SciTrainer
      I'm giving a shout out to anyone using Breeze Training. Do you get the feeling that the end of Breeze Training is in sight?

      I've gotten 3 official emails from Adobe about the conversion to Acrobat Connect and not one mentions Acrobat Connect Professional Training. The most recent message, the one announcing the fact that they have no idea when we will be converted to Connect Professional, had links for Acrobat Connect Professional and "Adobe Connect" (isn't that the wrong use of the new name?) FAQs. And there is but 1 mention of Connect Professional Training on this FAQ <<a target=_blank class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge href="http://direct.adobe.com/r?xJHqPqPEnHlnEPqlvc">http://direct.adobe.com/r?xJHqPqPEnHl nEPqlvc>

      Whaddya think? Should we be shopping around 'cause it looks like all our training eggs might be dropped from this basket.

      Adobe, give us a sign. Show us you care about our business.