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    Adjustment Brush "Reset Brushes" and "Erase" not functioning



      I've used the Graduated Filter, and then attempted to use the Adjustment Brush to erase areas. I am able to select Brush "A" or "B", but not "Erase". When clicking on Erase it becomes brighter as if selected, but does not hold once I move the mouse. The Adjustment Brush also does not show the "Reset Brushes" button. For superb guidance I have used Lynda, where the Adjustment Brush dialogue box is identical except for including the "Reset Brushes" button. I noticed that on the next instructional video on Lynda, "Painting in corrections with the Adjustment Brush", the "Reset Brushes" button is missing. What makes it show or not? Will reseting the brushes enable using "Erase"? Why doesn't "Erase" work?

      Thank you