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    Lightroom Mobile Keywords

    the boston artist Level 1

      More upgrades, more new versions, and yet... Adobe still cannot figure out how to do the simplest things imaginable.  I, along with many, many, many others have been begging for KEYWORDS in Lr Mobile for so long now I can't even remember when it started.  Oh yeah, the first day I used Lr Mobile.  Here is a serious question, is Lr Mobile intended for professionals, or is it a toy for the iPhoto (Photos) crowd to play with?  With the latest update, even more development power, and NO keyboarding ability.  Who exactly works on the product and ideas team for Lightroom mobile?  I don't know one single professional photographer that uses their iPad to "develop" their photos.  If they did I would seriously question why they even bother calibrating their desktop monitors, or call themselves professional???  They're keywords people, for the love of all that's holy, could someone over there on your development team sit down for 15 minutes and write this ability into the app?  Is it apathy, lack of understanding?  Why do you have key-wording on the desktop app?  Just think about this, please.


      So, QUESTION: are keywords anywhere in our future with this app, at least while I'm still young?!?


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          john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          No-one knows, and if someone did know they wouldn't be able to tell you.


          Adjustment features on LrMobile are the equivalent of Quick Develop. ie They aren't the fine tuning you might do on your expensive calibrated monitor, but instead are broad brush adjustments which you can do anywhere, any place, any time - meaning that your time back in front of the colour managed monitor can be devoted to fine tuning.


          As for keywords, I can only speculate. Keyword lists are long, keywording is most beneficial as picture numbers increase, and mobile devices are pretty ordinary at working with long lists and lots of thumbnails. LrMobole's feature set is clearly unbalanced and no doubt keywording will come one day, but be careful what you wish for.