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    Has Anyone Had Success Importing a LUT (Cinestyle) as a Develop Preset?

    66dellwood Level 1

      I occasionally use a Canon 5d2 for video.  Most often when I do I use the Cinestyle profile to help with dynamic range and colors.  For those not familiar, the profile is loaded into the camera and results in a very flat video image.  The theory is (1) the profile preserves dynamic range, color fidelity and other image qualities by flattening the image coming out of the camera (a lame attempt at getting a RAW video image file) and (2) your editing software will do a better job of enhancing the image than the camera.


      I often use LR to edit these videos as part of my workflow (along with related stills).  I use the frame grab, edit and sync technique to edit the video files in LR.  Cinestyle comes with a few LUT (look up table; in this case to plot an S curve) files to be used in your NLE (video editor) to restore the flat image to a more realistic one.   I assume the LUT would work the same on one frame as on a whole video. 


      Is it possible, and has anyone been able to, import a LUT (the Cinestyle LUT in particular) into Lightroom as a Develop preset?  Is there any other way to install a LUT in Lightroom (other video editors just plug them in).