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    How do I move folders from one drive to another without applying changes


      I have folders on multiple drives inside Lightroom.  I know I can move a folder from a parent folder in one drive, to a parent folder in the other.  The problem is that when I do it, I get a message that says (paraphrasing) "The move can't be undone, and changes you've made prior to the move can't be undone".  To me, that says that the move will force Lightroom to apply changes to all the photos, and I won't be able to reset back to the original un-edited file.


      So, my questions are:


      1.  Am I right in thinking that these moved files will have changes that can't be undone?  We're talking about thousands of files that go back more than 10 years.


      2.  If so, is there some other way to move the folders without making my Lightroom modifications permanent?