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    Why is WebView crashing for larger PDFs in iOS?


      My Flex iOS application crashes when I attempt to load a large (~900k) PDF in a WebView.  This works great for smaller files, but when I pass in a larger file, the application just quits with no warning or error.  Looking at the crash logs in Xcode, I get this error:


      Exception Type:  EXC_RESOURCE

      Exception Subtype: WAKEUPS

      Exception Message: (Limit 150/sec) Observed 0/sec over 300 secs

      Exception Note:  NON-FATAL CONDITION (this is NOT a crash)

      Triggered by Thread:  0


      I haven't had any luck finding other reports about this issue.  Is there anything I can do to load files like this?  Safari on the iOS device will load the file perfectly fine.