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    Confused about 10 free image offer?




      I was thinking I'd try the 10 free images for 30 days to see if I like Adobe Stock.  However, the fine print says I only get refunded for my first month if I buy a 1 year subscription after my first 30 days.  Then at the bottom of the offer it says - "*New subscribers are automatically refunded for their first month of Adobe Stock"


      This seems to contradict the first part.  So let's assume I cancel in 30 days - do I pay $30 or not for the 10 images?  I understand that I definitely get a refund if I decide to do the 1 year subscription.



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          Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

          Hi there


          If you cancel within 30 days you will still receive the refund for the first month.


          Kind regards



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            I just cancelled on day 14 of my free trial because customer chat support told me if you cancel after 14 days you are charged for 50 percent of the remaining eleven months of a one year contract - i.e., about 165 dollars.


            And it took about an hour of non-answers before they finally gave me that clarification. All i wanted to know was if i could keep trying it beyond the 14 days and still be risk free - i.e., able to cancel with no charges - up to the first month.


            To be honest i never got a chance to properly try it out and i wanted to keep it about five more days. (I wanted to give it a try for future reference but not take on the whole year commitment at this time)


            I was so stressed and tired by the amount of time and the conflicting information a) in the ad and b) in my customer support experience that I really feel afraid to buy anything else from adobe. Because at one point they told me i actually was over 14 days and already was liable for charges!  But they did cancel it with no charge, but the point was why did i even have to cancel when only halfway through my supposedly "risk free month"?


            I mean can adobe really be trusted to honour its offers as they are advertised? And why was it so hard to even get straight answers for the first part of the chat?


            Risk free for one month, try for one month risk free - those mean to me you can use for a whole month without incurring any obligations.


            If you get charged after 14 days it should say "risk free for 14 days".


            And i didn't even get to properly try it out. Huge waste of my time and energy.



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              Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

              Hi lmm


              I am sorry that you were given incorrect information by our agents.  14 days is the standard cancellation period, but with the Stock promotion you get an automatic refund for the first month and can cancel within 30 days without penalty if you do not wish to continue with the subscription.


              I have addressed this with the teams involved.


              Kind regards