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    Contract error violation unable to continue, I more chance to save your work..


      I spent hours getting a downloaded template  from Videoblocks for an intro for my Video Sales Letter(VSL). I get everything right and send to render queue and get  the "error unable to continue. Contract violation error". Then I am asked to save the project ,but give it a different name. I need to get this done ASAP. I am NEW and on a trial basis,  which is running out soon. I looked in the community forum, but didn't find what I needed to do, or at least I don't think so???


      The template said it didn't require and plugins when I downloaded it and the answers in the Forum revolved around plugins and as I said I really don't have a clue really what I am doing. i read the tutorials and searched issues, which is WHY I choose to use a template in the first place! I was set up for drag and drop. I got all that stuff down by directions and trial and err If it's not enough disk space and cache available, so it can't render, or  renders without sound (even though all the toggles and switches are set to on and audio), to other rendering errors I am running out of time. My trial period is over in 6 days. I am using Windows  7 and Mac OS10.9? The latest software version El  Capitan)


      Oh BTW, I have used both my MacPro and my PC and output in AVI and QuickTime MOV formats, with Metadata and without, with alpha masks and without. Some times the movie is great without sound and other times is sound without video. I am fearful that during my learning process I may have corrupted the templates so how, but I don't have the Videoblocks subscription anymore (was a trial too) to download another "original" template.


      Actually the original templates were missing files after download and AE project opening, the "missing files" error always shows up and the files has to be "converted". I end up having to close the file and can't redo what is wrong, cuz I don;t know what to change, remove or fix to get the "contract error" corrected , so I can render


      Can someone tell me SPECIFICALLY what I need to do to get this movie to render correctly and playback at regular speed with sound?