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    General questions about memory footprint and language technology

      I am currently evaluating the Abode Air and Flex technology now for the past week and a half, and am really excited about the possibilities for it. So here are a couple questions that I would appreciate some help in answering.

      1) Why is the memory footprint so large for an application running with Air? Within seconds, a relatively small program will balloon is memory usage, and is by far the most memory abusive program on my box. And it never seems to free anything as the program runs.

      2) Currently, you can program Air using Actionscript and Javascript, but no other language. I have a situation where my application will not have an internet connection, and I need to take my business logic off the server, and run it on the client. Is there any way to run this code locally? Or do Air applications require a internet connection.

      Thanks for your help!