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    el capitan




      what the hell is happening!!!!


      With the Update of OS X my Lightroom is completely **** working!


      When is the update coming?

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          Yes! This is so upsetting. I logged on to ask the same question.

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            DDA Caploncour

            Lots of problems since El Capitan upgrade. In LR I can't get out of full screen mode (F command) and I have to quit the app (quite tricky on full screen).

            Many other problems even with Apple's apps.

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              Keith_Reeder Level 4

              And are you yelling as loudly at Apple?

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                Geoff the kiwi Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                raphaeln58213348 wrote:




                what the hell is happening!!!!


                With the Update of OS X my Lightroom is completely **** working!


                When is the update coming?

                That is a really helpful post....

                So you update your OS and something gets broken..... mmmm and that is an Adobe problem???


                Now the fact is most people are not having issues, me included.

                Maybe you can start by stating which version of Lightroom, Mac type and exactly what is happening.....

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                  Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                  Apple cares nothing about their users or any Software vendor. They change things without any notice that break both their own software and software from other vendors. Been like that since the beginning.


                  Why not contact Apple?


                  Why not restore your Mac's from your Time Machine or cloning app backups to a point before you upgraded to the new OS X. Simple rule of thumb, If it Ain't broke Stop trying to Fix it.

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                    raphaeln58213348 Level 1

                    I use a macbook pro late 2013


                    the problems are the pictures are showed bad graphics and the small pictures in the database do not even load in several minutes.closing the programs also there it is not working at all. I always have to force the closing process.


                    I updated to the last version of  lightroom and also mac OS X el capitan.


                    sometimes it works to change three things then everything is stuck!

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                      mrksmnch Level 1

                      Hi Folks!

                      I just upgraded from my windows machine to the brand new iMac 27" 5k. So in this case i don't have the option to "get back to my previeous os" because i have none :-(

                      I was nearly running mad as i realized that lr cc was performing like ****! I made a video of the "performance" -> The Adobe Lightroom CC OS X ElCapitan Disaster - YouTube

                      I talked to apple, they said "please talk to adobe"

                      I talked to adobe, they said "Clean you Cache, uncheck some options, blablabla" - nothing worked!

                      I was dreaming about lr running like hell on my iMac (compared to windows)! Maybe it was just a dream ;-)

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                        Keith_Reeder Level 4

                        mrksmnch wrote:

                        I talked to adobe, they said "Clean you Cache, uncheck some options, blablabla" - nothing worked!

                        And that's all Adobe could say - they didn't break El Capitan.


                        Just for context - and to demonstrate that there's nothing wrong with Lr's code per se - it absolutely flies along, and seems utterly bomb-proof, on my Win 8 64 bit box.

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                          To raphaeln58213348


                          I am not a fan of Adobe and becoming less so with Apple on a regular basis. However I also used to run support departments and I can say that although I totally understand your frustration you aren't giving anyone enough information to even begin to trouble shoot the issue. First the basics.


                          What version of OS X are you on? 10.11 or 10.11.1? If not on 10.11.1, start there and update El Capitain. (Still don't know why we need a new OS every 10-12 months)


                          Next what version of Lightroom? Updating here may be more complicated if you are not a Creative Cloud member. If you are, update to CC 2015 6.2. Warning! Look at the import screen in What's New. As a professional photographer, I hate it. It is too amateurish and a waste of a screen. Its not a show stopper but it makes me question the direction of Adobe. Another case of leaving the pros that built their profits behind.


                          If you are up to date with both versions and you still have issues its time for the dreaded "contact Adobe" route. I would call them and I would do it after 11pm GMT -7 when call volumes are at their lowest. This is the time when more people are asleep in the entire world than any other. If you don't know why, Geography; figure it out. Or you can uninstall and reinstall. Just make sure you backup your catalog files BEFORE you uninstall anything. Then make another copy just in case. I like to have at least two of everything. Call me paranoid.


                          If you aren't or for some reason cannot get to the most current versions, then you need to list each program that may affect Lightroom as well as the OS X version. That includes Photoshop, all plugins for both Photoshop and Lightroom, Custom shapes and brushes that were downloaded (if you made it don't worry about it), all other image editing software that you can export to directly from Lightroom or Photoshop.


                          To Everyone else:


                          If you are going to bash a support group, Adobe, Apple, Windows, whomever, you have to first give them enough rope to hang themselves. That means include as much information as possible. Then if they can't figure it out after that, then you can blame not only the tech support people, but the developers as well!

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                            ViatheLens Level 1

                            Even in LR 6 the full screen mode freezes, but only if you have the spotting or correction tool open.  Be sure that tool is closed before moving to full screen mode. 

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                              mrksmnch Level 1

                              Hi folks!

                              Has anyone out there solved the issues yet?

                              I talked to many people in facebook-groups. It came out that it might be a ADM-graphic problem. Most users with Mac using AMD graphic solutions seem to have problems, nvidia and intel don't.

                              Is that your experience here ,too??

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                                I don't see here anyone saying they have resolved the issue. I signed up for PS & LR CC 2015 Creative Cloud bundle last September when I was running OS Yosemite and both worked fine. I like to give OS's time to work out some bugs so just upgraded both my MacBookPro 2015 and my 2009 27" i5 iMac to get both on the same system. Now after opening LR for a few minutes it started screwing up. Then locked up. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and now as I try to open it I get a notice Error: 16 Permissions need to be changed. I follow all the instructions and find that all Permissions are set just fine. I do the process all over again and the same thing happens. It seems to me that El Capitain has been out long enough for Adobe to have made the necessary changes for LR to work with El Capitain, Photoshop does without any problem.


                                Has anyone found this problem - still? This is 5.31.16 some time after the last of the comments here.

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                                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  The problem is that Apple keeps updating El Capitan


                                  I have read several messages during the last week that the latest 10.11.5 update is causing problems