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    face regocnition going wrong creates more work than tagging persons manually


      I was enthusiast about face recognition from the first moment I heard computers could do that. I wish my camera did it and tagged everyone in my photos, but it will probably take a while to make that happen. So I was happy to hear about face recognition in Lr 5. I'm onto cc now but I have to say I put more work today in tagging people than I used to when it wasn't available yet. And what is really bad: I put a lot of time and work in pointing out to Lr that most faces it detects aren't faces at all. I mean: what am I spending my time on? And it's also very slow. Please just leave it out, or make it work. I always feared the day when a giant would take over the market (Adobe buying Macromedia) and then become sluggish, because: where would you go if it is the only option (?), and it looks that is happening just now. Lr keeps being slow, even on my brand new +2.5k$ machine with 6 core i7 and 32mb of ram, even working with only 21mp raws on a 1tb ssd raid. Get your stuff together en make things really work, Adobe! Google Picasa does a much better job on this for free.


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