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    Lightroom CC import dialog no way to eject disk after import?

    Ken Nielsen Level 1

      The new Lightroom screen that comes up when I plug a flash card into my computer is confusing and overpowering in it's aggressive manner. I may get use to it but first need to know how to control it. I only want to see the flash card I just plugged in and not every other possible place to get photos that I really don't want to see. The first question I have is I don't see a way to check box to 'Eject Card After Import' - Is this no longer possible or is there a hidden way to instruct Lightroom to do this.

      PS: I do like the new import interface at all... Please leave things that work well alone and concentrate on implementing more Photoshop keyboard commands that many of us are familiar with for manipulating images, like the + and - key for zooming in and out....