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    Royalty Activation Permission Failed

    bernie glasner Level 1

      I just installed PRE14 on Mac OS X El Captain 10.11.1 and I get the Royalty error. Went to the website but could not find the folder ARA, I determined that this particular folder is not created in the Mac version of PRE14, it does however get created in the windows version. I copied the folder from the windows version into the correct location specified in the correction info. /library/application support/adobe/common/ which after common would be the following /adobe/ara/14.0/Repository 2.0db. Therefore for whatever reason there is a bug in the mac version of the install DMG, but not in the windows version. I tried placing the Repository in multiple places within the common folder but nothing seemed to work. I did have PRE12 working fine on my mac before uninstalling version 12 and installing version 14. I also download the Adobe Application Manager 9.0 but that did not seem to do anything either. At this point not sure what to do, other than perhaps request my money back from Adobe for a product that does not provide 100% functionality. If anyone has figured out how to fix this on the Mac side I would appreciate any clues or a path of correction.