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    importing video to primiere freezes program, help


      hello, I have one video clip that freezes premiere elements. all my other clips seem to import and this one is from the same camera and the same everything. it is a little long, but only 7 minutes. I cant believe there is no phone support for this. there is a phone support number if you look online, but that is bogus? why is there no number to contact anyone here? I find this difficult. I also posted this question on support/contact us. but I have no idea how to find that again... is that the same forum as this?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What version of Premiere Elements do you have and on what computer operating system is it running?


          Your thread to which I am responding is appearing in the Adobe Premiere Elements Forum. This forum is essentially a user to user forum and is typically the one that Adobe Chat points to as "Ask the Community".  Elements support is via online Adobe Chat. According to your forum profile (accessed by clicking on your ID and looking under Activities, this thread is the only one you have posted. Not sure where you might have posted earlier. Be that as it may, that is the situation.


          With details, we, as user to user, can be highly effective in resolving Premiere Elements workflow issues....but with the details that you supply.

          Besides Premiere Elements and computer operating system, to give you a customized reply, we would ask

          1. What are the properties of your source video...brand/model/settings for camera that recorded the video often gives this type of information.

          And, we might have to examine the properties of the problem video to pick up on any differences between it and the videos that are working.

          Had a case recently where assumed "same" turned out to be one of the videos being recorded with 5.1 audio instead of Stereo like the rest.

          2. What is the project preset that you or the project has set up to match the properties of the Timeline sources?

          3. If you open a new project, does the problem still exist?

          4. more


          Please consider and supply information, at least through 3 above. Then, we can start to plan troubleshooting strategy.


          Thank you.



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            janetapuzzo Level 1

            thank you. i have windows 10 my video camera was bought last year and the computer the year before that. the camera is a generic chinese HD video camera, no real brand name:  cmos sensor 32gb full hd 1080p my computer is 64 bit and  a lenovo and have 4 gb ram intel core i3-3240 cpu @ 3.40 ghrz  and unless i accidentally touched something when i was videoing, this group of videos were the same. but i dont know how to check if there was an accidental change. oh, i know, i did run out of memory at some point and i had to go back and delete old videos that were on there. somehow that action might have corrupted that particular video?  thank you so much for helping me. btw, my friend said that it is clear that just that video was corrupted somehow and i should just reformat my disk. she does a lot of videos, only on mac though... thanks again, janet



            also, thanks for giving such clear instructions for me to find this thread!