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    Lightroom catalogue copied to another drive still needing to access original files on other drive…why?

    wideEyedPupil Level 1

      I created a catalogue on an ext drive, loaded some photographic images from a SD card.


      realising the USB drive was a very slow "USB 3.0" connection (but as an online order I now doubt it think it's USB 2)  connected via my monitors USB hub.


      so the simplest thing and a good learning exercise seemed to be to copy the folder containing the two catalogue files

      file:///Users/~/Pictures/general landscape shots/general landscape shots Previews.lrdata

      file:///Users/~/Pictures/genera landscape shots/general landscape shots.lrcat


      onto my internal SSD that reads and writes at 1860 MB/s and 1500 MB/s respectively. was faster I think but still it seemed a bit slow.


      weird thing is as I'm flicking through the catalogue, each time i load an image the ext HDD is accessing data and the LED is dropping out to indicate data transmission.


      so I open and closed both the catalogues with same name a few times just to be sure I had the right version of files.


      then I pulled the cable without ejecting the ext HDD and now the new previous I hadn't loaded before were massively pixelated. Lightroom couldn't build the preview, even thought the .Preview file is bigger than the original one 186 MB


      when I reconnect the ext drive Lightroom can build previews again. The original photographs were on the SD card mounted the entire time.


      what is going on here/ how can this even be happening?


      (I just shifted over from Aperture so maybe there's some things I need to know here, I did originally use LR but switched to Aperture as I preferred it a few years back)