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    Lightroom mobile RAW


      LIghtroom for iOS still does not support RAW files, or did I miss something?

      If this app can do less than the built in foto app there is IMHO no point for it. Except you are shooting Jpeg only - but then you probably don't need LR either.

      I found a blog entry from Tom Hogerty on this - unfortunately I can' t answer there. These are the issues he mentioned and I have to say that I don't understand one of them:


      • We know our customers often like to shoot in a raw format.  That’s a lot of data and the ingest experience on current iPads via a Camera Connection Kit is quite slow.
      • The way the Camera Roll works on iOS, an application like Lightroom mobile would need to duplicate the storage required by a photographer’s images then leave customers with an awkward deletion experience on the camera roll to save space.
      • The bandwidth required to pass the originals from the iPad through to our servers and back to your desktop would be substantial and slow.


      Camera connection kit is fast enough. It works with RAW files like a charm. I have no idea, why Adobe should care about the hardware part. At all.


      Yes please rather duplicate the storage than not supporting RAW at all. I'm the user and I want to be in control. I could delete the photos in the camera roll if I want. I could buy an iPad with more memory. Again this is not Adobe's concern. .


      Bandwidth? I don't necessarily need to sync, when I have limited bandwidth. And yes, it is ok for me the user to wait when I try to sync a lot of data via a poor connection. I want to decide, if I want to do that or not. I don't want Adobe to decide that for me.



      sound like very poor excuses.


      What do you think?

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I believe the Lightroom Mobile workflow is designed to work differently than you are expecting it to work. Lightroom mobile synchronizes with the images that are on the main computer. Any adjustments made using Lightroom mobile will be synchronized with the master photos. The master photos that reside on the main computer are the ones that really matter. The files in the cloud are simply copies that are there to enable mobile editing.

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            fbutter Level 1

            Interesting, but the value of this use case is not obvious to me. Should I really adjust my workflow to a tool or should a tool rather deliver a solution to common problems (like taking bulky computers to travels definitively is). Traveling=Photo taking=Using mobile devices... While a workflow for traveling with a camera and just an iPad would be indeed very useful, working with fotos on a mobile device that are already on a repository seems a rather rare use case to me. Why should I do that? Editing on a computer works just so much easier and precise. My conclusion, to be honest: Instead of using the chance of providing a real killer application for travelers, the app just provides more or less a viewer to a library existing somewhere else.


            And technically, why this restriction? LR is well known for its RAW workflow and this is heavily used. RAW on iPad is possible, as other software proves. So is it a marketing decision not to support it?


            Maby the app could just support different workflows, including the one that would really make a difference for people on the road?




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              Keith_Reeder Level 5

              fbutter wrote:



              Interesting, but the value of this use case is not obvious to me.

              It's not obvious to a lot of us - but nevertheless, that's what's on offer. Whatever Lightroom Mobile is, it isn't a mobile Lightroom.

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                Fly Paper Sky Level 1

                I have been waiting for this as well. Apple and Adobe, please make it possible.

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                  john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  They made it possible over a month ago....