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    Blank gap at the end of a scrollPane?



      I'm having this error with a scroll pane I added to my stage. The scrollPane element is dynamically created through some lines of code. At the end of the movieClip contained in the scrollPane, though, a blank space appears.


      Schermata 2015-10-30 alle 21.36.01.png


      This is some of the code I'm working with:


      var spH:int = 307;

      var spW:int = 700;

      var spX:int = 0;

      var spY:int = 80;

      var sp:ScrollPane = new ScrollPane();

      var totalMC:MovieClip = new MovieClip();


      //scrollPane properties

      sp.setSize(spW, spH);

      sp.x = spX;

      sp.y = spY;

      sp.horizontalScrollPolicy = "off";


      //totalMC is at this point builded and defined


      //add scrollPane to the scene

      sp.source = totalMC;


      setChildIndex(sp, 3);


      If I only add the totalMC movie clip to the stage, the gap doesn't show, so I figured it must be an issue related to the scrollPane properties themselves.


      Can anybody out there help me out?