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    Unable to sync audio to stream!


      I've added audio to my animation but I would like to set the sync to "stream" so I don't have to keep starting it from the beginning. However, when I go to properties and click on sync, the only option is "event". The "start", "stop", and "stream" options are all faded and I am unable to choose them. If someone has a solution to this, I would greatly appreciate it!

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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          There is no Stream option in HTML5 Canvas. If you want to set up an animation to match some sound, do it in an ActionScript 3.0 FLA. Then when you're happy with it convert that to HTML5 Canvas, or copy and paste the layers into your existing HTML5 Canvas FLA. Hopefully your animation isn't too demanding, it will have to play well enough to keep up with the Event sound.