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    Exposition/light changes between develop and library modules


      Hi All


      Without any explanation, 2 days ago the behaviour of Lightroom 6.2.1 on my Mac Mini /MacOS 10.11.1) is different.

      Now all my images looks so different when I switch from Library to Develop modules (and viceversa). When I go to Develop module from Library, the image keeps  the same light for 1 second, and then is darken. The light goes back when I back lo Library module. The image looks OK on the slipfilm.


      Accions taken:

          -Catalog Optimized

          -Preview at standard and 1:1 created

          -Hardware acceleration disabled (and enabled without success)



          Export is OK

          Las updates for MacOs and Lightroom.

          No configuration changes from 2 days ago


      I already know that Intel HD Graphics 4000 is not supported for hardware acceleration. I don't want hardware acceleration, I just want to keep working as 2 days ago.

      I'm using PS Lightroom since 4.0 version (3 perpetual licenses already buyed) for by 35K photos and I need a professional answer from Adobe...


      Thanks in advance



      Please find my system setup:

      Lightroom version: 6.2.1 [ 1046594 ]


      License: Perpetual


      Operating system: Mac OS 10

      Version: 10.11 [1]

      Application architecture: x64

      Logical processor count: 8

      Processor speed: 2,3 GHz

      Built-in memory: 16.384,0 MB

      Real memory available to Lightroom: 16.384,0 MB

      Real memory used by Lightroom: 2.977,1 MB (18,1%)

      Virtual memory used by Lightroom: 4.796,6 MB

      Memory cache size: 880,9 MB

      Maximum thread count used by Camera Raw: 8

      Camera Raw SIMD optimization: SSE2,AVX

      Displays: 1) 1920x1200


      Graphics Processor Info:


      Check OpenGL support: Failed

      Vendor: Intel Inc.

      Version: 4.1 INTEL-10.10.18

      Renderer: Intel HD Graphics 4000 OpenGL Engine

      LanguageVersion: 4.10