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    All my Virtual Copies are gone in Lightroom 6 (CC)!  Help!


      All my virtual copies created are no longer showing up and I am freaking out!  This goes all the way back to 2014.  I opened Lightroom 5 and opened a previous catalog right before I upgraded to Lightroom 6 in May of 2015 and it looks like those virtual Copies are still there.  I constantly keep a backup of catalogs and use an online backup service for my pictures and catalog files as well.


      I've tried opening older catalogs since updating to Lightroom 6 (CC) and the Virtual Copies all seem to be missing in each one.  Is there some setting that is keeping me from seeing them in Lightroom 6?  I've done a ton of editing with Lightroom 6 and even those are missing.


      I've been using the same editing process for many years.  Edit on C:\ (SSD) drive, move files and folder to larger standard Hard Drive.  My Virtual Copies have always transferred over.  Please help!