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    Lightroom CC 2015.2.1 imports to the wrong folder


      Since the update to 2015.2.1, when selecting a destination folder and then a check for Into Subfolder, and specifying that sub folder, Lightroom changes the destination to a older folder. Everytime I do an import, and tell it where to put the images, it keeps defaulting back to the wrong folder.



      So I use year, month and a folder name based on the event or location. This batch of imports should have gone into F:\Photography\2015\10\Olmstead Park, but instead they went to F:\Photography\2015\03\Olmstead Park. This has now happened more than 10 times to me, and it never happened before.

      Has anybody else seen this and other than doing a revert or waiting for the next update, what can I do to correct this?

      And where is that update?