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    Scaling media onto 3d faces imported from Cineware

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      Hi folks,

      This is my first post here, so apologies if I am posting in the wrong place.


      I am working with video projection mapping.  We are sending a 1080P image onto a prop with multiple faces.  I have a 2d 1920x1080 Photoshop file that is just plain white and the edges of the prop are stroked so that we know exactly where the faces are.  I first tried to jusst import that into after effects and scale media to fit the faces, but that is a very clumsy way because the transform tools don't really give me a sense of the 3d. 


      Then I learned that we can import a 3d model with the new Cinema 4D.  So now I have the prop in Cinema 4D and I can display it in After Effects, but the scale doesn't seem to relate in any way to fitting on the 1080P screen with exact precision. 


      What I'm wondering is if there is a way to import the 3D image of the prop using Cineware,
      and then map images within after effects to those individual faces?
      And then how to do make the whole composition be exactly lined up where it needs to be to output perfectly from the projector?


      Any help or even pointing me somewhere else to ask there would be greatly appreciated.  If more details are needed, please feel free to ask!


      Thanks for your time and help!


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          Integrating 3D applications with After Effects – Part 1: Working with UV data | Adobe Developer Connection


          Other than that your whole workflow doesn't make much sense IMO. Why even bother to do it in AE when obviously you have a full version of C4D? I mean you can set your texture projections to camera, can you not? You have other texturing tools, do you not? You do have a background object, do you not? You do have the correction deformer and other tools, do you not? I really think you are looking in the wrong place...



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            Thanks for the warm welcome!!!


            No, I do NOT have the full version of Cinema 4D.  That's why I mentioned Cineware.  Sorry if there is confusion there.


            If you have a recommendation for a better workflow, or a suggestion for a better place to ask this question, I am all ears.


            I just read over the link provided.  It was written in 2008.  In it he says, "Since After Effects does not natively import external 3D objects and thus is only able to use rendered pixels, you need to have a way of transforming vector-based UV information into discrete pixel values." 


            ....so I think that is pretty out of date because now with Cineware, we can do just that.


            So does anyone have any up to date resources they can point to me that shows how to map onto the imported 3D prop.



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              In strict terms AE still does not support native 3D objects. Cineware is created by Maxon and merely bundled up with AE. In that regard it's no different than using any otehr 3D-ish plug-in, only that you get it off the bat "for free". The rest is beside the point. The basic principles of UV texturing and UV passes still apply even 7 years later. Anyway, if you really only have C4D Lite, then I'm afraid it's a moot point, either way. If you can't properly layout UVs in the first place, then none of this matters and you're stuck with either using planar projections in C4D or indeed mapping your art post facto in AE. Otherwise I'm sure lerning Blender or any other 3D program that actualyl has proper UV tools would be a sensible investment of time...



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                So to be sure I am understanding you, you are saying that :

                Cinema 4D Lite combined with AE does not have the needed toolset to create media that will be mapped onto the 3d object that I have in Cinema 4D Lite and displaying in After Effects?

                Looking up "planar projection" in wikipedia, it seems like that is basically exactly what I am trying to do here, is it not?

                Looking closely at the C4DLite, it seems like basically, the only way to "edit" an object that is created in C4DLite is to do it within C4DLite-You are not able to edit or change the object within After Effects.  Is that correct? 

                If so then I guess what I need to do is head over to a C4DLite forum and see what is actually possible within the program?

                One big thing that I do want to figure out that is definitely AE specific though is how do I get the C4DLite import to be exactly lined up where I need it to be in After Effects?  If I try and scale or rotate the layer within AE, I get a "Layer Size must match composition" error.