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    How to promote an index subheading to main entry


      I have a long, 800+ book heavily indexed. There are four indexes and because its construction at the MS Word stage was as automated as possible each index should appear under the “I”: Index of Names, Index of Laws, Index of Cases, Index of Subjects. IN some cases, the SE2 should host further indexes (e.g., under Laws, Constitution, Estatutes, Administrative decrees, etc; Under Cases, Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, etc). In other cases, under the SE2 there comes the index itself (as in the case of names and subject).


      Now, the problem is this: when the index was created in MS Word, we made a mistake and inserted in the case of the Name Index a further higher level, though only sometimes. So under the "I" there are not four but five subentries: in addition to the four correct ones ( Index of Names, Index of Laws, Index of Cases, Index of Subjects.) there is one that says "Index" and under it a SE2 "Index of names". Half of the name index is on the right one and the other half on the wrong one.


      So in the case of the name index I need to get rid of the wrong “Index” Main entry and promote the “Index of Names” SE2 under it to Main entry, so that it will merge witht the right Index of names Main entry. But if I double click the SE2 “Index of names” I cannot just promote the SE2 to Main entry. Such a promotion I can do only at the level of the page reference. But I have hundreds of page references! Of course, I can try a roundabout: I could edit the resulting Name index and assign paragraphs styles one level up (in the Name Index use Heading 1 for the SE2, while in the others use that style for the Main entry). But this would solve the problem if the entire Name index was affected by the mistake, an only half of it was. So I need to merge the “Index of Names” that appears as Main entry with the one that appears as SE2.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated,