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    Two instances of external drive in "Folders" and other file management issues.


      I am having a lot of trouble managing files through LR.


      Originally I wanted to move all videos on my local HD to my external HD. The video's were in dozens of different folders on the HD, but I thought I'd be able to filter the library to show only "video" files and then move them by dragging into a folder in the "folders" pane.


      First I was going to create a home for them in the external HD. But right away I found another problem. When I plug the drive in and LR recognizes it, I am seeing two instances of "STORAGE" (the name of this external drive) in the pane. Each has different folders from that double referenced source


      Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 10.20.34 PM.png


      This is problematic. I wish to be able to see only one instance with all the folders that are in that drive. The reason being, I want to move folders, create folders and generally organize the mess that is in that drive, so I can co-organize the mess that is on my local drive, then move all the video's (which might be a separate issue to address).


      In the Mac's finder, the structure is all there. I want it to all be there like that in LR. Just show me everything so I can manage the files.

      Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 10.16.20 PM.png

      Could you please answer these questions:

      1. As you can see, there are two instances of STORAGE. Why?
      2. Under the first instance of STORAGE (the external drive), there is a parent that is called "Storage" (not all caps). But it is technically the same space as STORAGE. Why did STORAGE re-create itself as Storage under itself?
      3. In the LR interface, why can't I see the other parent folders (movies, my video's, video bank) or other subfolders in the parent folder that does show up (i.e. Rural or Urban under Jesse David Photography) and have the opportunity to look into them, or move files into them as is possible in the Mac's finder?
      4. How can I get one instance of STORAGE with the ability to work with all the folders in that volume so I can move files from the Local HD to the external from within the LR file management pane?




      Using LR version 5.7.1 on an early 2015 Macbook Pro