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    Lightroom CC 2015 hanging on OS X 10.11

    LarryMatthias Level 1

      I recently upgraded OS X to 10.11 on an iMac 24" 2009 with 8 GB RAM.

      Around that same time LR would hang up when I tried to quit the application. It seemed to lock up with or without the backup of the catalog.

      I am concerned since I have over 600 photos for a project I am doing and I don't wish to loose anything. (Don't worry I am running Time Machine and I backup the catalog to another disk as well).

      I have used the Disk Utility to verify the file structure of all my drives (there are three). And no errors were found.

      I have let LR run for hours in hopes that it would quit correctly.

      In all cases I have had to Force Quit the application (that's  % kill -9 for those of us that are really old).

      I would appreciate any ideas that will lead to a resolution of this problem.

      Thank you for your time.

      Larry Matthias