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    Size Limitations for Panorama in Lightroom CC

    Blaine Beron-Rawdon Level 1

      This note is to encourage Adobe to expand the size limitations of panoramas in Lightroom CC.  I understand that this limit is a maximum long dimension of 65,000 pixels or a maximum pixel count of 512 megapixels.  Such a limit makes it impossible to obtain wide angle panoramas with long focal length lenses to obtain extremely high resolution.  For example, a 100 mm lens on a 24mm x 36mm sensor turned to vertical orientation (24mm wide) requires approximately (ideally) 26 frames to make a 360 degree panorama.  If a 50 megapixel camera is used (e.g. Canon 5DS), this image will be approximately 150,000 pixels wide or almost three times the present limit.  It will also have approximately 1300 megapixels, again roughly three times the present limit.  This means that a Canon 5DS cannot be used to make even a 180 degree panorama using a 100mm lens in the vertical orientation.  Panorama creation in Lightroom CC is fantastic because it is easy and results in a RAW image.  But the present size limit is a real constraint!  Thank you for your attention.