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    Dehaze not present in Lightroom 6.2.1

    Chick Newman Level 1

      I have Adobe CC Photography subscription with Lightroom CC 2015.2.1 and Photoshop CC 2015 installed on my main working computer. Today when I opened Lightroom on that computer, the Lightroom version was listed as 6.2.1 (instead of CC 2015.2.1) and there is NO dehaze slider in the Effects panel. I closed Lightroom then immediately reopened it and this time the Lightroom version was listed at Lightroom CC 2015.2.1 and the dehaze slider is present.


      I notice that on my other computer in which the perpetually licensed Lightroom 6.2.1 is installed (NOT the subscription version), there is also no dehaze slider. That seems to be a consistent omission in the 6.2.1 version of Lightroom.


      So, here are two issues:

      1. Sometimes when I open my CC2015 version of Lightroom CC 2015.2.1, the version is listed as 6.2.1 (and there is no dehaze slider)

      2. Lightroom 6.2.1 does not have a dehaze slider on any computer, while CC 2015 does have the dehaze issue.


      What's Adobe doing?? My understanding when I purchase version 6 for the non-subscription computer was that the two versions of Lightroom would have the same editing features, but apparently that is not true. I did an internet search and have seen a couple of other folks complaining that Adobe was trying to coerce owners of the perpetually licensed version of Lightroom to move to the subscription version, even though the two versions (6.2.1 and CC 2015.2.1) were marketed as being the same.

      I feel that I've been ripped off.


      Anybody else have ideas about this discrepancy?

      Also, I still don't understand why Lightroom opens as 6.2.1 on my computer sometimes, even though that computer has installed ONLY the subscription product via the CC application (the perpetually licensed version on the other computer is registered to a different Adobe account).