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    LR Mobile always pending

    DanJ50 Level 1

      I've seen similar comments posted but haven't really found an answer. When I've finished editing pictures (imported from camera roll) on my ipad in the corner it says 'uploading, 7 pending'. But nothing seems to be happening, I noticed on another post that people reinstalled lightroom and then it then worked fine, that solved it for that one time, I'm now left with pending images again. I can't reinstall lightroom every time I use it. I'm wondering if I've missed a trick, should I exit out of lightroom for it to upload? does it only upload at certain times of the day? Or is there an issue and I should wait for an update?

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          khatwani Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi DanJ,



          Try this :


          "With Lightroom closed go to /Users/intel/Library/Caches/Adobe/Lightroom/Sync Data/ and remove (or rename) the Sync.lrdata folder. Restart Lr and it should try to reconcile your local synced data and the cloud synced data. This can take a while depending on your machine, network connection, and the number of synced images.  Additionally, when it completes it may leave some images in the All Sync Errors collection. These are usually fixable by applying any setting that forces a sync (like an exposure increase), letting it sync, and then reversing it."



          was the cure that I got from Jim to solve my problem. It worked and I have since not looked back. It is syncing flawlessly now and I am over the moon with how neat it is to work with Mobile. Less desk time and more couch/ipad time...

          Here is the source thread of this answer : https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1446467



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            DanJ50 Level 1

            Hi Jitendra,


            Thanks for the reply, I tried your solution but its still not syncing. I think it's an issue on the ipad side, the only thing I can think of is that I live in China and how well creative cloud works can be intermittent. But then I can use the creative cloud app on the ipad and download/update desktop software no problem.

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              greule Adobe Employee

              Hi Dan, I've just checked the back-end of your account and it looks like that there are still some originals missing to be uploaded from your iPad.


              Could you send us a Lr Mobile diagnostig log.

              The Lr Mobile app log can be triggered when you open up the settings and long press the top left LR Icon a diagnostic log will be generated and attached to your local mail client.


              In addition could you try to re-boot your device and see if that helps.




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                DanJ50 Level 1

                Thanks for the reply Greule,


                A reboot didn't help, but I just sent the diagnostig log off.



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                  PeterRHawkes Level 1

                  Was this problem ever resolved as I have iPhone Pending and iPad Pending and no idea how to cure!!??


                  Peter H

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                    greule Adobe Employee

                    HI Peter, I've just send you a private message with some instructions. - Guido

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                      PeterRHawkes Level 1



                      Thanks for the message; I replied but it bounced!!


                      My reply was;




                      I tried removing those videos to no effect.


                      I therefore removed the Lr apps from iPhone & iPad and then deleted the online library from Lr Desktop and started again!


                      All went well and I was fine with a number of images from Camera Roll on my iPhone uploading and syncing to Desktop and iPad and a Collection from Desktop syncing with both iOS devices.


                      I now added 61 more photos from Camera Roll on iPad and 9 have synced but the remainder have not. Now shows on iPad Pending Upload 52 files?


                      Can you see this blockage from your end?


                      Peter H

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                        nargalzius Level 1

                        I have the same issue.


                        There's definitely something wrong with the software. Here's what I did.


                        First, it started with 57 photos (pending) - these were imported from the camera roll of my iphone.


                        I did the suggestions above and the only way to remove the pending was to isolate the actual photos being uploaded. So again, after removing these photos (both from LR on my iPhone AND on the web) it was "up to date" (obviously)


                        Then I tried just importing ONE photo. Then it got stuck again at "Uploading... 1 pending.


                        Then I removed it and once again it stopped importing and returned to "All up to date"


                        But whenever I would do this (delete the photo successfully from phone and get the "up to date" dialog), the LR WEB interface STILL had the photo (showing that cloud lightning icon saying that it was "syncing" - even if I've cancelled it from the phone). So ONCE AGAIN, I remove it from the web as well just to make sure the photo has no traces in both iPhone and web.


                        Then instead of importing a photo (just to eliminate the possiblity of a corrupted photo from the camera roll) I try taking a picture straight from LR. ONCE AGAIN, it gets stuck with "Uploading... 1 pending"


                        I've also tried redoing all mentioned above, but this time uninstalling LR mobile from my phone after I've cleared the web interface as well. And the problem persists.


                        So I'm pretty sure it's the software either from the phone app, or the web app. I don't think there's an issue between the Web and the Desktop client (but I may be wrong) but there definitely is between the mobile app and the web app

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                          PeterRHawkes Level 1

                          Doubtless is a software issue but what!??!


                          Long work round - on my iPad Pro I import photos from SD card (jpeg version as RAW not supported) and they go into Apple Photos. I then connect to my iMac remotely using Parallels Access (sure will work with others) and export photos from Apple Photos on my desktop into a folder already setup in Lr as Auto Import. I then start Lr and create a collection and put the newly imported photos into it. That collection then successfully synchs with Lr Mobile on my iPad and iPhone. The wait is allowing Apple Photos on iOS device to sunchanged to the Desktop version!


                          Rather a long way round and leaves me feeling would I be better just using Apple Photos!!


                          Peter H

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                            Jay6k Level 1

                            Add another person with the same issue to the pile! I've tried the "delete all data" option in Lightroom CC preferences, tried deleting the sync.lrdata file in the library cache folder... nothing works. Forever pending....lightroom-screenshot.jpgIMG_6713.PNG

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                              greule Adobe Employee

                              Hi. Could you please send me a LR Desktop diagnostic log  - best as a private message with a downloadable dropbox link.


                              You can trigger the log via LR Desktop preferences -> Lightroom Mobile and when you hold down the alt key you will notice a generate diagnostic log button. - Guido

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                                ianr77322067 Level 1

                                I have an iPad Air 2 with Lightroom Mobile installed and a Macbook Air with Lightroom installed.


                                I have tried all sorts things  to make two way sync work as we would all like.


                                I have over 3,000 photos stored in Photos on both devices, synced through iCloud. Mostly they are JPGs but in the last few months I have been taking RAW photos with a Sony A7II (ARW files) and a Nikon D750 (NEF files).


                                My Macbook stores the full size photos but my iPad stores photos at a much reduced size, optimised for the iPad.


                                What I have discovered is the following:


                                I can insert an SD card into the card reader for my iPad. Photos opens automatically and I have the option to import all or selected photos. These are stored on the iPad as reduced size images but, as long as my iPad is connected to wifi, the original size RAW files are automatically uploaded to iCloud and then the original size RAW files are synced automatically to Photos on my Macbook.


                                Then to import from the iPad camera roll into Lightroom Mobile, I can only import the Nikon RAW FILES. Sony RAW files are not compatible and can't be imported.


                                Any files imported from the iPad camera roll into Lightroom Mobile will only sync to Lightroom on the website and then to Lightroom on my Macbook if they are miniscule. I mean a few kilobytes rather than anything more. Otherwise the message "Uploading 1 Pending" never changes.


                                However, Lightroom Collections made on the Macbook sync quickly to Lightroom Web and my iPad.


                                Then any edits made on the iPad sync back to the Macbook very quickly.


                                Therefore, the recommendations are:


                                Never try to upload photos into the Lightroom system from an iPad. It does not work.


                                Import them into the iPad with an SD card reader, let them sync through iCloud to Photos on the Mac, export them as unaltered originals to where you store your Lightroom images on your Mac and then create a collection or add them to an existing collection that is synced with the iPad.


                                To cut out a couple of steps, it is better to load the SD card contents direct into the Mac first.

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                                  wazooteyman Level 1

                                  I've also sent y'all my log too!  I'm using an iPad pro and trying to sync some RAW data from there to my iPhone and Macbook.  If it helps - I had unloaded my camera directly to the iPad in lieu of using the desktop since I prefer the mobile workflows and can't easily import from the Photos app on the Mac into Lightroom.

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                                    Magnus Lewan Level 1

                                    I assume it works for some people, but definitely not for me. Everything is pending, and I lost a certain number of photos I had taken, when I uninstalled and reinstalled the app.


                                    For you Adobe people, don't you have anyone internally with the same problem? If you do, it seems simple to just compare the settings of those people with the settings for someone where it works. My wild guess is that it is something with the account configuration on the server side.

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                                      davidr31512456 Level 1

                                      I'm not certain if anyone has noticed this, but the only way that LR mobile will sync for me is if I leave the app open (although I'm guessing you just need the app open, I literally watched the cloud synchronization status to ensure that it completed).  This synchronization does NOT work in the background.  Perhaps Adobe plans to add it in the future, but background synchronization would be a huge plus.  For anyone following this thread, I'd suggest leaving your phone unlocked and the LR mobile app open to see if it begins to upload.  I also noticed that the synchronization does not appear to work at all over a slow internet connection (I was on vacation last week and wasn't able to get anything to sync until I got home).