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    After Effects Scratch Disks: How do you change the SD card slot from "removable storage" to permanent storage?


      Hello all,


      I've been diddling around with my scratch disks in After Effects and Premiere Pro lately, trying to come up with the best solution that works for me.


      I'm running a 13-inch MBP retina, in which I'm usually editing on the go with.  I've been carrying around an external drive for use as my scratch disks, but it's become annoying to have it plugged in 100% of the time I'm editing (planes, hotels, etc).


      I bought a Transcend Jetdrive Lite the other day, and thought it might be a good way to have a removable storage device for my scratch disks.  However, after I plugged it in and reformatted it to journaled, After Effects gave me the message that I couldn't use it as a scratch disk because it was classified as "removable media."


      Is there any way to change it so that the mac sees it as permanent media?